Super Savers Products

Jersey Shore Super Savers Mailer Standard Size


Our most popular and most cost effective size! Announce your business to attract new customers with special offers that can be redeemed.

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Jersey Shore Super Savers Double Size


Double the size - but not double the cost! This double size provides an opportunity to expand your message and promotional offers to potential new customers.

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Jersey Shore Super Savers Full Size

Full Page

This Full Sized Ad allows for a variety of opportunities for you to make a HUGE statement. You also have space to add a select or full menu and some coupons.

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Jersey Shore Super Savers evelope advertising
NOTE: Envelope advertising requirement is for all 90,000 home circulation.

Envelope Advertising

Back of Envelope Maximum Exposure as the featured advertiser on the back of the envelope!
(This is the side that customers open their envelope to get their coupons)

Front of Envelope A unique opportunity to create high visibility with a "special event" message that is featured on your coupon inside the envelope.

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Jersey Shore Super Savers provides an "optional opportunity" to expand your message by featuring your business on local Cable TV. Your commercial will be aired the Saturday of the in-home mailing and run for seven (7) days. The commercials run from 6am-12 midnight on selected local cable stations - CABLEVISION in Eastern Monmouth County and COMCAST in both North Central and Southern markets. Your benefit - the commercials are viewed by more homes than in the actual mailing zones. Interested consumers can then access your ad on our website!

We film the commercial at your location. Your options include - appearance in the spot, group appearance, or filming your location with a professional "voice over" to provide the benefits of your business. Each commercial is professionally produced at our media affiliate studios in Augusta, Georgia.

Under contractual agreements with the cable providers, we are limited to 5 second or 10 second spots in our Super Savers 30 second commercial.

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